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Tagging Info

  • Before you can tag your items, you must first register as a consignor. Please see the How to Consign page to get started.
  • Price tags can be easily printed with a home computer and printer.
  • Price tags must be printed on cardstock paper. Light weight cardstock, suitable for home printers, can be purchased in packs, for about $5, at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.
  • Price tags can also be printed at Office Depot, Kinkos or Staples. To do this, we recommend you download and install free .pdf maker software (www.cutepdf.com for example). Once you have this software installed, you can generate all of your tags. Then rather than printing them to your printer, you can create a .pdf of your tags and take those to the store for printing. You can also upload them directly to the stores website for printing and in store pickup.
  • If you are having trouble printing your tags please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.

Tips for printing tags

Here are some tips to help ensure your tags print in such a way that the barcode will scan easily.

  • NEW TIP! If you use a laserjet printer (with toner instead of ink) make sure you change the printer settings to cardstock. If you don't, the toner won't bind to the paper correctly and your bar code will rub off!
  • Don't print too dark - it is better to print a little light than too dark.
  • Don't print on the "High Quality" setting, print on the normal setting.
  • Some cardstock papers can "soak up" the ink when it is sprayed too dark, causing the edges of the barcode to be fuzzy and not scan. The edges of a barcode need to be crisp.
  • Align your print cartridges - printer cartridges in inkjet printers can get out of alignment, especially when you change cartridges. This can cause the edge of the barcode not to be clean and straight. There should be a utility that came with your printer software that allows you to align the print cartridges.
  • Don't use designer cardstock - Designer cardstock that is "fiberous" can soak up ink from an inkjet and cause the edges of a barcode to be fuzzy. Use a standard dense cardstock. Avoid cardstock with a "slick" surface, as it can cause ink to smudge.
  • Don't "scale" the printing - when actually printing the barcodes/tags, do NOT adjust the scaling on the page. You should print at 100%, just like the tag is generated. If you use a "shrink to fit" option, or if you change page scaling to something other than 100% it can adjust the size of the barcode, which adjusts the "gaps" between the dark bars and can cause the barcode to be unreadable.

Correct Tagging Placement

Pin tag to right front of garment
Tagging Placement