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Fall 2016 Kids' Kloset Family

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The Thole Family

Our love for children began long before they entered our lives. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mother. When we started married life, Darren was a second year seminarian and I was teaching second grade. We wanted children. We slowly learned God had a different plan than ours. A better plan. Plans to grow us in our faith and understanding of Him.

After several years of unexplained infertility, God turned us toward adoption. Knowing it was going to be God's work to bring the arrival of children in our home, we began the process. He has given us children by way of two domestic adoptions and one international adoption, so far. We are currently near the end of the process of adopting our fourth child: a five year-old boy from China. We are naming him Franklin James. With the Lord's help, we hope to be traveling to China in the month of September!

As we wait, we are in prayer for our little guy. His world is about to be rocked. All that he knows will change. During our wait, we are praying that he is surrounded by kind words and loving people, that his needs are met, that his body is healthy, that his sleep is restful, that God is preparing him for this huge change, that he will transition into our family with ease, that he will know we love him and be able to receive our love, that we will be wise in how we care for him, that he soon will be able to hear about Jesus, that he will know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Please pray with us in the many months to come as we transition him into our family. We are so thankful for so many who have been willing to support us financially and in prayer!

In Him,
Jennifer (for the Thole family)

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