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Helpful Hints
for Entering Items

Hello consignors! Some of you have had questions about our new online system. Below are some "hints" that will make entering your items a quick and easy process for you.

When entering your items . . .

Use the "quantity" option. The online system will allow you to select up to a quantity of 25. To take advantage of this, group your items by size or category.

Here are some examples:

  • If you have 10 books to sell, enter "children's book" and enter "quantity 10." You will have then entered 10 items with one "click" of the mouse! Later, before you print your tags, you can go back and edit your descriptions to be more specific.
  • If you have 25 items in 3T girls to sell, select "3T girls clothing" and type a simple description (shirt). Then, enter "quantity 25." Immediately you will have 25 items entered. Then, before you print your tags, go back and be more specific with your descriptions.

Remember, you have until 9:00 am the morning of drop-off to edit your items. At that time, we will be preparing the system for the sale and you will no longer have access to your account for editing. You CAN, however, still print your tags.

Please note: For future sales, things will be even easier! Once you have registered and have a consignor number, you will have access to your account between sales. Therefore, you will be able to enter your items any time you wish. Then, when it is time for the next sale, you will simply login and make your items "active." Simple and fast!

Please Contact Us with any questions.