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Drop-Off Instructions

  • All items must already have barcoded price cards. Please see Tagging Info for detailed instructions.
  • Review the "Items Accepted" page.
  • Bring the properly prepared items to the Jaycee Building at any of the drop-off dates/times. You do not need an appointment. Know the exact count of the number of items you bring to drop off.
  • We ask that you allow enough time for workers to inspect all items for quality and season.
  • Before you arrive at item drop-off, your clothes must be grouped by size and sex so that you can quickly hang the clothing on the proper racks. This will speed up the process when you drop off your items.
  • Please bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope to item drop-off so your consignor check can be mailed to you.
  • Pick up your pass (and guest pass) to shop at the appropriate sale.